Hafez, Shiraz, Iran


Persian Gulf, Iran

Ferdowsi, Toos, Iran  شاهنامه فردوسی


Persian-gulf: The Gulf, South of  Iran. North of  Dubai and Abu Dhabi , east  of  Kuwait , southeast of  Iraq , northeast of  Saudi Arabia,  that is the

Gate Way

 to export of Oil to all the World.

 Persian Gulf, was, is and will be named always Persian Gulf,

Gulf had more than 2600 years an iranian Kingdom at his northside.

Cyrous the Great

Cyrous iranian King ,King of the Pars King of  Persia  wrote Human Rights ca. 2600 years ago.

He said: everybody has right to choose to select his Language, his Religion, his Work and his Land to live.

Nobody is permitted to force another One to work for him without Payment. He made Jews free from Babylon.


Tomb of Sa'di, Shiraz, Iran. His poems even appear on the walls of the UN headquarters in New York.


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